I am so back!

Hey friends! 🙂


It’s been awhile. Quite a long while. Alot has changed from the last time I wrote in here and I’ll try my best to chronicle my life again in this blog.

Change. How constant this word is.

I  think its been about nearly two years since I’ve stopped blogging. Two years ago, I was writing about how my life would be considering that I just left a job that has been paying the bills for the last 8 years. So much uncertainty then. Seriously, the future was daunting looking back.

Now, its much sunnier. Darker clouds have parted to give way to the rays of the sun, if I’m being poetic.

I’ll try and give you guys an inside scoop on how I am now, how my family is now. I look forward to writing again. God, i  miss words!

Traveling Words

It amazes me how amazing (see again what I did there? This is becoming a habit) writing is! Two months in WordPress and I’ve been to places I could only dream of! Not literally, of course. Figuratively.


Again, I just can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to visit my site. It’s just overwhelming how Chapter Thirty Confessions has been all over the globe haha! I know, I may be overreacting. But you see I haven’t been anywhere outside of the Philippines, but the fact that my words have – it’s just so surreal! I can only dream that one day my physical self would also be able to. But for now, this is enough.


I would just like to share a couple of my blog milestones today. After only about two months of being in WordPress, this humble abode of mine has reached the following breakthroughs:

Aviary Photo_130568955976759136Aviary Photo_130568956928465629

Yay! Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow (all 100 of them!) and believe that I can actually write something worth their time! 🙂 To all my fellow budding writers, let’s continue inspiring everyone to create a habit and love for writing and prose ‘coz honestly, there isn’t anything more stirring than to know that your written word has moved hearts and minds for the better.


It has been awhile my friends!

Apparently it’s possible that even if your laptop is just two months old, come bad luck, the need for its motherboard to be changed is actually something that might happen. I know, it sucks. Just when I was gaining momentum on writing something each day, that happens. Imagine my frustration.

But since the gadget is still on warranty, we didn’t have to shell out a hefty amount of pesos to get it fixed. But, we had to wait.

Waiting – I’ve always dreaded this word. You know that moment when you know you should have something, because you know its yours, and you deserved it, but for some reason you can’t have it and have to let time pass before that thing becomes actually yours? I don’t understand it. Why is there such a thing as waiting. Why can’t something happen now? Why later?

So it took us about a week before we were able to claim the thing, new motherboard and all. And since I’ve had that time – one whole week, when I think I wouldn’t have to write anything, because I have a valid reason not to, I felt unforced to do so. And that procrastination continued for another week.

Add to that me working nights. When all I can think of after work is the soft feel of my sheets, and the calmness of slumber. When all I can do after waking up is eat and stare at the emptiness of space.

Hence, me, writing only now.

I hope you guys missed me. ‘Cos I sure as hell missed you. And writing. And everything in between.

Dream Scribble

Hello Dreams,

I know you’re out there somewhere, still waiting to be realized. I know you’re not getting tired of holding your horses. I know you’re patient enough to wait for your own time. I know you want to shine like the sun, I know you want to radiate so bright you’d touch everyone else in your path. But that your light is encapsulated in a shy and timid soul.

It’s unfortunate really. You are big. You are relentless. You can be dominant. You’ve shone a little a couple of years back. Your vessel too was enjoying the short-lived prestige, the for-the-moment high. But it was just a moment. You want it big, I know. You want it unceasing. You want it strong and wide. And your vessel too, I hope you know that. It’s because of you that love beams in him. It’s thru you that he reveals himself. It’s in you that he manifests passion. Its with you that his zeal and energy are at their peak. 

Please never go tired. Please stay with me. For as long as I will have gained strength. For as long as I will have fostered confidence. My yearning knows no time. My hope knows no limitations. My aspiration will never wither.

Musing with you,


Daily Prompt: Hand-Me-Downs

Malfoy: You think my name’s funny, do you? No need to ask yours. Red hair and a hand-me-down robe, you must be a Weasley.


Though an only child, I’ve had quite a number of hand-me-downs over the past years as I would be getting leather and rubber shoes (the size, more often than not, larger than mine), oversized shirts and the likes from my mom’s boss. I sure appreciate them, of course, but you know when it comes to clothes nothing beats the satisfaction of you buying things for yourself. You get to choose the one that perfectly fits you, something that suits your preference. 

Gadgets – Over the past four years, we’ve been buying second-hand gadgets from friends and colleagues at lower prices. Not exactly hand-me-downs that you get for free, but they’re significantly cheaper and at a very good condition still. Once we determine it’s a good deal, we go for it. Our iPad 2 is about three years old now – I got it from one of my call center agents at almost half the price when it was just a few months old. Not bad, right? It’s still very functional, we’ve had it in protective casing so it’s still shining, shimmering, splendid, haha! My iPhone 4S too, my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S3 – we’ve gotten them for about $150 or lesser at an installment payment basis so it wasn’t really that hard to pay for them. I think here in the Philippines, especially those that work in Business Process Outsourcing companies, that’s pretty much the in thing. People get to upgrade stuff just by looking at good deals. Of course, you would only want to make such deals with people you trust, and people you actually know. 🙂

Advices – While growing up, I’ve gotten a lot of good advices from my aunt. If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now, you’d know that I grew up with her. Together with my lola (grandmother), I think I owe pretty much everything to them. Of all the advices she’s given me, one has always struck me as she reminds me of this every time. I have to eat everything that’s on my plate. I shouldn’t leave even a single grain on it when I leave the dinner table. Why? Because every grain represents my mom’s hardwork for us. And I should show gratitude. Which made a lot of sense. You know my mom didn’t just sit on her as* and waited for manna to magically appear on our table. She spent hours working, sacrificed sleep so I can eat at least three times a day. We depended on her, and she was our breadwinner, so I think to show even just a li’l bit of gratitude, we make sure that hardwork doesn’t go to waste. And now that I’m a parent, I’m also passing this thinking/value to my daughter and will pass on to my future sons and daughters. Appreciation. Acknowledgement.


By the way, congratulate me dears as I have found meself a job! Yay after three months, I’m no longer unemployed. My new company is not really as known as my first, and not as glamorous as BPOs these days but I’m very excited to be learning new things so wish me luck, ayt? I’ll still be very visible here in CTC as this will definitely serve as my stress-reliever. 🙂 

Daily Prompt: Writer’s Block Party

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

It’s only been about a few days since I’ve revived this blog. I’ve been out for a year! – imagine that. I guess in that year that I have not written anything, apart from not having the time really, I’ve underwent a case of a long-term writer’s block, I have two reasons why this was the case.

1. Lack of equipment

  • It’s been about a couple a years since our ASUS notebook gave up on us and about the same time too that our desktop decided to just, i don’t know, retire? I have my iPhone and my iPad but I guess it’s a little different to be randomly writing your thoughts when you have all the temptations of Zombie Tsunami and Subway Surf vs. when you have a 14″ screen and fully-functioning keyboard in front of you.

2.Work and all that jazz

  • Work had been pretty crazy last year. It was so demanding that the extra time I had, I would devote to just sleep. It’s not easy to wake up at 2am, work my way the entire day, spend a couple hours with the wife and family and sleep again to regain strength for the following day. That was my routine the whole year and I know you’re now questioning why I allowed such an existence? Seriously, I’ve been asking myself that and now happy to have found my answer.

Which brings me to – solutions!

1. Of course I had to get myself a new equipment! My wife and I recently decided on investing on a new laptop because we’re kind of setting her up for an online job.

Welcome our new ASUS X-series laptop! My buddy in transforming all my thoughts into the written word.
Welcome our new ASUS X-series laptop! My buddy in transforming all my thoughts into the written word.


So now that we’re waiting for  broadband plan approval, I’m happy to be enjoying my iPhone’s personal hotspot capabilities to blog my nights away, especially that now I am…

2. Unemployed! – yup, I gave up my job of 8 years as a market research supervisor/trainer to explore opportunities in the chemical engineering field – which is really my degree. I haven’t had any luck getting one – maybe because I don’t have experience in the field (I immediately took that market research job a month after I finished college – but that’s a totally different story that I might blog about in the future :)) but I am positive that I would. So in the meantime, here I am, working on not getting a writer’s block everyday so I could share a piece of my thought to the entire blogosphere.

I think above else, to combat writer’s block, it takes commitment and really zoning yourself in to writing. I understand there might be days when creative juices become a little too difficult to extract from our literary brains but at the end of the day, in my opinion, if you really want to write about something, one way or another, inspiration can work its way to your system and you’ll be able to do so.