Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Broken firmaments Sometimes make up the best view. How nature sometimes reminds us; We are all but the same. Boracay Island, The Philippines, May 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Opportunities to travel. Saab’s first formal year of school. Career advancements. Better management of resources. This 2015 – Enhance relationships. Maintain a healthier lifestyle. Fix gaze on goals.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Don’t stand on the sidelines: join in and show us a photo that says “fray” to you. Fray – a “worn” spot as per Merriam Webster Take a glimpse of old, “worn” Manila via the walled city, Intramuros. My wife and pet dog say hi! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

The rays of the sun, the smell of the beach I sat on my bench and thought, “everything’s in my reach!“ passersby talking, sails in the distant –  God I must be dreamin’, in here’s everything I want! The blues, the greens, sand’s the color beige, the sky, the palm trees, this place bears no cage…