The Second Coming

My wife carries pregnancy beautifully – I just want to put it out there. Well, to be fair, her second was not as smooth (I mean that figuratively and aesthetically haha!) as her first, but she wasn’t that awful-looking. To document that, and also because pregnancy is both an exciting and an expensive (putting a stress…

Take Heed and Tread On

Dear Marie, How are you? I hope you’ve adjusted well on your new home. I’ve always wanted you to experience living alone. You see, that has taught me a lot of lessons about managing resources, proper budgeting, getting along with others and looking after myself. I think at this age, you already need that training….

Weekly Writing Challenge: Tanka

She likes George, Peppa Doc McStuffins, Sofia – Saabie imagines Arendelle’s fjords, icy slopes Snowflakes in hand, she hopes. Like Britain, she’s hot fashion’s her world, art’s her love Adores books, fiction! Smiles at the sight of good food “my love look! Bey’s in the hood!” Eyes so pure, so cute Adorn in furry pantsuit Hey! he wags…


Currently at this state. Will prolly be back on Thursday and catch up on all the prompts that I may miss. Love one another, friends.

Sundays in Fully Booked

One of the best things that we get to do as a family is bookstore hopping. As much as we can, we try to visit as many bookstores in the metro as possible. We don’t exactly buy books every time. Wife and I would normally scan most of the young adult releases (we’re more of…