Bridges and Dreams

I want to say Brooklyn has always been a dream. It was a 28 deg F late afternoon. The conference has ended and we decided, since we were already around the vicinity,  to might as well experience the famous bridge that connected Manhattan to Brooklyn. It was mesmerizing. The cold was unbearable, but it didn’t…

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Opportunities to travel. Saab’s first formal year of school. Career advancements. Better management of resources. This 2015 – Enhance relationships. Maintain a healthier lifestyle. Fix gaze on goals.

A Sad Look Back

Looking Back, 2014 was not a very good Year for Us. Not-so-good things happened that may have made me Question things. Though I feel like I have fostered better Relationships to my Family, extended family, to God and even to myself, I felt I ran out of luck and had to start anew on so…

Daily Prompt: Dictionary, Shmictionary

sometimes we think, sometimes we speak – sometimes we do neither, well I don’t know the trick to be eloquent, to be fluent, I dream to know the secret But first I must know what that word they say albeit.

Daily Prompt: In Transit

I wait and stare at the clock for our time In an hour will be kilometers away from daily grind. My wife and daughter say “one pose before we fly.”

Southern Living

I love the south. I love that its not too hustle and bustle but highly urbanized too. I like that I don’t have to get my brain dizzy with a lot of people crossing the streets but it’s active enough to have a bit of a social life too. I love that I get to live…