Bridges and Dreams

I want to say Brooklyn has always been a dream.

It was a 28 deg F late afternoon. The conference has ended and we decided, since we were already around the vicinity,  to might as well experience the famous bridge that connected Manhattan to Brooklyn.

It was mesmerizing.

On our way to Downtown NYC. My first glimpse of the romantic Brooklyn Bridge (rear) and the formidable Manhattan Bridge (forefront)
Bridges have always fascinated me. With their colossal structure but profound sense of purpose and symbolism, they often become metaphors of many we hold significant. Connection. Affinity. Relationships.

The cold was unbearable, but it didn’t stop me from appreciating what once was just a figment of my imagination; something that only exists in the books I read, and in the songs I sing.

I am in love. ❤

Pinch me, one bit. This may be one of my many daydreams. One where I don’t want to wake up from. One where I want to get lost in a cloud of dreams come true; where I indulge in my fantasies and delight in the inevitabilities.

I wonder how I will react when the day comes that I will see my other dream destination, London, and it’s Tower Bridge.

Man, I might as well just lose it.