I am so back!

Hey friends! ­čÖé


It’s been awhile. Quite a long while. Alot has changed from the last time I wrote in here and I’ll try my best to chronicle my life again in this blog.

Change. How constant this word is.

I ┬áthink its been about nearly two years since I’ve stopped blogging. Two years ago, I was writing about how my life would be considering that I just left a job that has been paying the bills for the last 8 years. So much uncertainty then. Seriously, the future was daunting looking back.

Now, its much sunnier. Darker clouds have parted to give way to the rays of the sun, if I’m being poetic.

I’ll try and give you guys an inside scoop on how I am now, how my family is now. I look forward to writing again. God, i ┬ámiss words!

Traveling Words

It amazes me how amazing (see again what I did there? This is becoming a habit) writing is! Two months in WordPress and I’ve been to places I could only dream of! Not literally, of course.┬áFiguratively.


Again, I just can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to visit my site. It’s just overwhelming how Chapter Thirty Confessions has been all over the globe haha! I know, I may be overreacting. But you see I haven’t been anywhere outside of the Philippines, but the fact that my words have – it’s just so surreal! I can only dream that one day my physical self would also be able to. But for now, this is enough.


I would just like to share a couple of my blog milestones today. After only about two months of being in WordPress, this humble abode of mine has reached the following breakthroughs:

Aviary Photo_130568955976759136Aviary Photo_130568956928465629

Yay! Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow (all 100 of them!) and believe that I can actually write something worth their time! ­čÖé To all my fellow budding writers, let’s continue inspiring everyone to create a habit and love for writing and prose ‘coz honestly, there isn’t anything more stirring than to know that your written word has moved hearts and minds for the better.