The US in 4 Seasons…or something like that. 

They all said spring should have sprung the moment we landed on JFK airport’s tarmac. Nope. As I recounted the events in my previous blog, our trip was at the same time when the biggest snowstorm this year, so far, hit the Northeast US. So nope. No budding of flowers, no showing of green, red, and orange leaves. Instead,  what welcomed us was some feet of snow.

Very first photo I took off of my phone. On our way to our Port Chester office, from JFK airport

I thought you know, so long as we safely landed and are comfortable in the office, in the house where we’re going to be staying in or inside one of our colleagues’ cars, we would be okay. And I really am the it is what it is kind of guy.  I took it as some divine intervention for me, a first timer, to actually see, feel and experience how it is when it’s the winter season. You see weeks before we flew out, everyone in the Atlantic office had been telling us how we will be missing winter and that we’ll arrive same time spring arrives. I thought, ugh bummer, would’ve been really nice to actually see snow for the very first time! 

And I think the heavens heard me muttering.

Took a photo of one of Port Chester, NY’s quaint churches.
Train view from Port Chester to my first weekend visit to NYC
First photo I took soon as I got off the Grand Central Terminal. After this was taken, a homeless man standing by the terminal’s gates shouted – “Enjoy New York City with your eyes! Not with your screens!”
By the doors of the Plaza Hotel, fronting General Sherman’s statue on one of Central Parks many entrances

Our trip gave us how cold New York State can be when it’s snowing. And boy, it WAS cold! I’ve never felt colder my entire life! Walking through blocks of snow wasn’t all easy and fun. Yes, at first, it can be interesting and out-of-this-world for someone who doesn’t always get to see it (Pinoys). But be with it for an extended time and it is not anymore. It can be damn slippery! I think I’ve had a couple of times I almost slipped and hit my head! My nights are spent with me tightly hugging all of my 5 pillows and my comforter covering me from top to bottom! I was assigned the room in the attic of my boss’ classic, all-American house with white picket fences in Greenwich and I think with me on elevated floors, the cold stooped to an all-time low!  The 3 out of the 4 weeks I was there was spent with me wearing puffer jackets, layers and layers of clothing and a number of scarves – items we’ll never ever find comfortable wearing when in the tropics.

Front lawn of the house where I stayed the entire 4 weeks.
Backyard of my boss’ Connecticut home

Though I thought it was cool and nice to have those for #ootd shots. The whole ensemble – the overcast, the falling snow, the beautiful NY architecture, the busy yellow cabs everywhere, and clothes layering made Bien very instagrammable.

By the streets of NYC. One of New York City’s public libraries behind me.

Man, I go out of topic everytime I just blurt out my thoughts about everything NY. Not very obvious that I’m in love with it! 

Anyway, so mid-third week until my last, spring has sprung! The trees have started to have colors, the roads have cleared up, the freezing feeling had been replaced with a very cool, not-so-warm-but-warm sensation. Snow had melted and soon evacuated the streets. It was a lovely sight!

It’s funny too because everytime we tread the roads of Greenwich on our way to Port Chester on weekday mornings for work, the sight of a number of trees starting to bear leaves makes for a fall-y sight. No orange, brown leaves on the ground to complete the autumn feel, but some rows of trees with barely nothing on them and all skeletal kind of gives me NY state scenery in the fall.

A public school I saw on the way from Greenwich to Port Chester.
Downtown NYC. One of my very first glimpses of the Brooklyn Bridge (behind the Manhattan Bridge)

And our trip to DC (that I will tell you all about next time) kind of gave me an impression of how the East can be in the summer! Though I heard it can get waaaay hotter, being there the 1st week of April was hot enough that I was allowed to only have one layer of clothing the entire time and that I also have gotten a little darker by the time I got home.

That, or too much roaming around DC with the sun high up. 

So yeah. Why I think being in the Northeast US was best mid-March to first week of April? I feel like I got to experience all 4 seasons. In just one visit. In a month’s time.

Or ya know, maybe I was just lucky. 😊


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