Jews, Christians and Mr. Altman

A joke was raised by one of my market research respondents after he called to inquire about when he will be receiving his participation honorarium.

Mr. Altman was a fairly jolly fellow. He recently joined one of our studies and was actually praised for speaking his mind spontaneously and for being open to talking about almost any topic. He first talked about how the weather in the States have been crazy recently. And though I am not really in the same location, I had to somehow say I was and relate to how cold the rest of the country currently is.

Here’s his joke:

Two Jewish fathers, friends for a long time, was talking about how their sons had turned out to be their own persons now, specifically, spiritually:

Father 1: You know what, it’s insane! My son has turned Christian!

Father 2: I can definitely relate. My son’s also turned Christian and I don’t know what to do!

Father 2: Maybe we can approach God and ask Him how’d we go about this.

Father 1: I agree.

And so, both fathers sought audience from God and when both was before Him and explained their woes, God replied:

God: Quite honestly, I don’t know what to say to you two, as my Son’s also one.


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