Message from church hit home today. I realize I often complain about how unfortunate I can be. How I would have to work for every penny I have, strive for every little success I achieve.

You see, I haven’t been someone who’s too lucky in raffle draws. I’ve participated in countless, but I am yet to gather winnings. Just recently, I almost squandered my 8 years worth of hard-earned early retirement package from the previous company I worked for shopping from the country’s biggest mall. This is so I can win myself and my family a fully furnished condominium unit and forget that we have to set aside a part of my paycheck every month for rent.

Several months had passed, and nobody had sent me a text message saying I’m lucky enough I won. So I guess, old sweet music?

Two weeks ago, I was automatically qualified to join a contest with an Iphone 5S as a prize because I shopped for groceries on a nearby supermarket. You heard it right, it’s not even the coveted Iphone 6. It’s the previous model. And we’ll, it’s been two weeks and I am still using my pre-loved 4S so I’m pretty much sure the me-winning ship had sailed two weeks ago too!

Sometimes, I ask. When will my luck happen? Am I really that unfortunate? Am I not lucky enough to be blessed with something that I wouldn’t actually work for? Will the world be always unfair for me?

And so the question of being blessed is raised. Does it always have to be about finances? Favor for provision? Economic advancements?

What about me being blessed to have found the love of my life this early in my life? What about me having the smartest, cutest little girl to have as a daughter? What about the fact that my mother and the rest of the family being always with me and have supported all of my decisions?

What about me having a God who saved me, removed my shame and continues to love me?

I should be all set.


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