Southern Living

I love the south. I love that its not too hustle and bustle but highly urbanized too. I like that I don’t have to get my brain dizzy with a lot of people crossing the streets but it’s active enough to have a bit of a social life too.

I love that I get to live near SM Southmall – where the good and yummy Food Street is located. The place is just about 10 minutes from where our rented place is. Just ride one tricycle and you’re there in a jiffy. It’s filled with the best local food joints around. Yabu where they serve the best katsu in the metropolis and Sambokojin – where you’ll get your fill of Japanese cuisines – all you can! They also cater to the steak-monsters of us via Racks and you get to savor the mouth-watering ensayamadas and cheese rolls of Cafe Mary Grace.


Town is also one of those malls you go to and want to be in for like days. It’s very homey and its got pretty much everything that you would want for a good day of eats, books, apparels and more. As a family, we most often spend our weekends in Fully Booked. We would go there after filling our stomachs with the healthiest fruits shakes around – Jamba Juice! If you’re someone who’s after high end clothing stores and the likes, you’d never get disappointed too. In terms of food, Krazy Garlic, Chili’s, PF Chang’s are the usual favorites. Even its humble foodcourt is something you don’t want to miss – especially the offerings from Binalot, President’s Express, Razon’s, etc.


And of course, there’s BF Homes. We used to go there for the bargain place called Ruins, but lately we haven’t visited as much as before. Even so, I think the place is a must-go-to. They have a number of good restaurants around and specialty stores. Hopefully, we’ll be there in a month’s time because the resident mall in there, The Pergola Mall, holds a yearly halloween costume party and I can’t wait for our Isabelle to join the fun! 🙂


These are only some of the reasons why as a family, we enjoy living in southern Metro Manila. Add to that I think is the fact that the environment is a little less polluted than the rest. In here, we get to see greens. And as a result during monsoon periods, the place is not as flooded as everywhere. I pray eventually we get to own a piece of land here. Because I plan on seeing my kids thrive in the south – where it’s greener, funner and safer.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. M.Winter says:

    Hey Southmall is mine! j/k ;-P

    1. BienAdosto says:

      haha! as my 3-year old would say

      “do you have a problem with sharing?” 🙂

      1. M.Winter says:

        That would be a nice shirt slogan! Lol

  2. rfljenksy says:

    Love the music with this!!

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