It has been awhile my friends!

Apparently it’s possible that even if your laptop is just two months old, come bad luck, the need for its motherboard to be changed is actually something that might happen. I know, it sucks. Just when I was gaining momentum on writing something each day, that happens. Imagine my frustration.

But since the gadget is still on warranty, we didn’t have to shell out a hefty amount of pesos to get it fixed. But, we had to wait.

Waiting – I’ve always dreaded this word. You know that moment when you know you should have something, because you know its yours, and you deserved it, but for some reason you can’t have it and have to let time pass before that thing becomes actually yours? I don’t understand it. Why is there such a thing as waiting. Why can’t something happen now? Why later?

So it took us about a week before we were able to claim the thing, new motherboard and all. And since I’ve had that time – one whole week, when I think I wouldn’t have to write anything, because I have a valid reason not to, I felt unforced to do so. And that procrastination continued for another week.

Add to that me working nights. When all I can think of after work is the soft feel of my sheets, and the calmness of slumber. When all I can do after waking up is eat and stare at the emptiness of space.

Hence, me, writing only now.

I hope you guys missed me. ‘Cos I sure as hell missed you. And writing. And everything in between.


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