Daily Prompt: Curve Balls

So about three months ago, I left my supervisory job at a prestigious business process outsourcing company of 8 years. For those that have been reading this blog, it’s not really something that I’ve just quickly decided on. It took me about a year to half to finally have the guts to leave. Over the past few weeks that I’ve been sending out job applications, I’m always asked the same question:

via Google Images
via Google Images

Why did you leave a company where you’ve already established a career, been receiving a considerably good pay, for something so uncertain?

Though I keep on answering that question with the same answer that really, IS my answer, –

I just wanted something new, something that, if possible, is aligned to my field of study. Something that would make me work normal hours. Something that would not take my family time away from me. Because I’ve just grown tired of it. I don’t see myself advancing in it anymore. I want to explore possibilities in the work-from-home scene.

…some HR people would really not get it, and would say “But no, I don’t understand why, I don’t think that’s reasonable. I still don’t understand why you would leave your job for that.”

And that’s where I’ll be stumped

So what’s reasonable really? Is there like, a particular answer that would justify me leaving? Is there a decision-making god out there that tells them that my answer is wrong? I mean thousands, even millions, perhaps billions of people leave their jobs for unimaginable reasons everyday!? Do they have to justify it? Do they have to give a right answer to everyone so they’d appear they made the right decision? I don’t understand too.

It’s a personal resolve. Whatever my rationale was, so long as I haven’t done anything wrong to the other party, that’s none of other people’s business. Not all people can just settle in their comfort zones for the rest of their lives. And I chose to take a risk and a big leap of faith. Period.


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  1. lifelessons says:

    Good for you. Sure you won’t regret it. The only way to progress is to leave something behind you! Judy

    1. BienAdosto says:


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