A Crossroad.

Dear you,

It’s been awhile. I hope you’re in good condition and I hope you’re happy.

Things have been different – I have been different, after we parted ways. I have to admit, it was difficult at first, maybe because you know, it’s hard to recover from something very painful. But thank you –

…because you’ve shown me that not all of life is rushed. Sometimes we make decisions on a whim, not really analyzing first the situations that we are in. Sometimes, we are blinded by the happy moments, not knowing that they they might be too good to be true.

It does pay to become more discerning of our life choices. And it does pay to take things one step at a time.

…because you made me stronger – in ways you may not realize. Because of you, I’ve learned that I can stand on my own two feet and face circumstances, however unfavorable. To hold my head up high and confidently move on. Prior to you, I have been weak, naive and vulnerable. After you, I’ve learned that to be happy, yes, I should take risks, but also should reserve a part of my heart for myself.

…because I have been better after you. I learned to redirect my focus on my career and improve myself to attract positivity in all of life’s aspects. I sure am the captain of my ship. And if no one else is to help me rise up after that fall, I should do it myself. I continued and peaked at my MR career. My professional family grew to unprecedented numbers. I developed my skills and learned new ones. I was good. And a lot of people adored me for that.

…because I have found LIFE after you. I found LOVE. I found TRUST. People that would eventually complete me. You were my crossroad. You were that one point where I failed but also succeeded. I failed because I chose the wrong person to love. Succeeded because I learned to unlove, eliminate the unnecessary, and look forward to the future.

I wish you goodluck and I wish you happiness,



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