Daily Prompt: To-Do? Done!

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I don’t have a lot of regrets in my life. I mean, yes, things would’ve been different if I went to Cebu right after graduation with my college coursemates, be in the same review center they were enrolled in, maybe pass the licensure exam with them, be employed in a job devoted to producing experts in the Chemical Engineering field.

But then again, that would mean I would not have been in my previous organization, would not have met my future wife, would not have amassed my 8-year early retirement pay ha! :), would not have Isabelle now – a completely different life really!

Truthfully, I’d take as many failures in licensure exams as I can, so long as I can keep my wife and daughter. Those two I won’t trade for anything.

However, there are things I think I should’ve done early in my career. If I did, maybe I’m not struggling as much, financially. Maybe, I am healthier, dapper. Maybe, I have not just settled with convenience and is now stretching my abilities to its full capacity.

I should’ve:

…started saving when I started to work.

…taken exercising a little more seriously. Should’ve enrolled in a gym membership. Should’ve invested on my wardrobe when I started working.

…auditioned for a televised singing competition.

…taken units in education 7-8 years ago, I would be teaching by now.

…broadened my skill set by engaging in other part time work, writing, virtual assistant jobs, tutoring etc.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Wednesday. I was burning the midnight oil the night before drafting and preparing my lesson for my class today at 7am. Junior year – I can’t contain my happiness that today I’d be teaching Chemistry! – that one Science subject I’m most passionate about. I hope my students will love it as much as I do. And I hope I teach it efficiently they wouldn’t deem it too difficult. Afterall, its one thing that the subject is innately challenging, it’s another you teaching and sharing it to innocent minds.

I was checking my planner. Wife and daughter wouldn’t be too happy that my Wednesday is packed! Visit the bank right after my classes, at 11am, to discuss my second house and lot investment. Afterwards, I’m going to have to meet with them after my daughter’s Kumon classes to grab some lunch. At 2pm, I have rehearsals for VCF’s Worship Night on Tuesday next week. My group is taking a couple of sets so I’d have to rehearse with the band to make sure things are going to be okay. At 4pm I have a scheduled talk with an NGO regarding online virtual assistant jobs and how it can be of help to their business. Will cap off my day with a thrice-a-week gym session that’ll take about two hours, starting at 5pm in nearby Gold’s. Whew! I’d have to make sure I leave the gym on the dot, freshen up and put on some presentable clothes as wife and I are scheduled to watch If I Stay at 8pm. It’s a good thing we were able to convince the grandmas to look after Isabelle. Time for some much-needed date with the wife!


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