Dream Scribble

Hello Dreams,

I know you’re out there somewhere, still waiting to be realized. I know you’re not getting tired of holding your horses. I know you’re patient enough to wait for your own time. I know you want to shine like the sun, I know you want to radiate so bright you’d touch everyone else in your path. But that your light is encapsulated in a shy and timid soul.

It’s unfortunate really. You are big. You are relentless. You can be dominant. You’ve shone a little a couple of years back. Your vessel too was enjoying the short-lived prestige, the for-the-moment high. But it was just a moment. You want it big, I know. You want it unceasing. You want it strong and wide. And your vessel too, I hope you know that. It’s because of you that love beams in him. It’s thru you that he reveals himself. It’s in you that he manifests passion. Its with you that his zeal and energy are at their peak. 

Please never go tired. Please stay with me. For as long as I will have gained strength. For as long as I will have fostered confidence. My yearning knows no time. My hope knows no limitations. My aspiration will never wither.

Musing with you,



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