Daily Prompt: Hand-Me-Downs

Malfoy: You think my name’s funny, do you? No need to ask yours. Red hair and a hand-me-down robe, you must be a Weasley.


Though an only child, I’ve had quite a number of hand-me-downs over the past years as I would be getting leather and rubber shoes (the size, more often than not, larger than mine), oversized shirts and the likes from my mom’s boss. I sure appreciate them, of course, but you know when it comes to clothes nothing beats the satisfaction of you buying things for yourself. You get to choose the one that perfectly fits you, something that suits your preference. 

Gadgets – Over the past four years, we’ve been buying second-hand gadgets from friends and colleagues at lower prices. Not exactly hand-me-downs that you get for free, but they’re significantly cheaper and at a very good condition still. Once we determine it’s a good deal, we go for it. Our iPad 2 is about three years old now – I got it from one of my call center agents at almost half the price when it was just a few months old. Not bad, right? It’s still very functional, we’ve had it in protective casing so it’s still shining, shimmering, splendid, haha! My iPhone 4S too, my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S3 – we’ve gotten them for about $150 or lesser at an installment payment basis so it wasn’t really that hard to pay for them. I think here in the Philippines, especially those that work in Business Process Outsourcing companies, that’s pretty much the in thing. People get to upgrade stuff just by looking at good deals. Of course, you would only want to make such deals with people you trust, and people you actually know. 🙂

Advices – While growing up, I’ve gotten a lot of good advices from my aunt. If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now, you’d know that I grew up with her. Together with my lola (grandmother), I think I owe pretty much everything to them. Of all the advices she’s given me, one has always struck me as she reminds me of this every time. I have to eat everything that’s on my plate. I shouldn’t leave even a single grain on it when I leave the dinner table. Why? Because every grain represents my mom’s hardwork for us. And I should show gratitude. Which made a lot of sense. You know my mom didn’t just sit on her as* and waited for manna to magically appear on our table. She spent hours working, sacrificed sleep so I can eat at least three times a day. We depended on her, and she was our breadwinner, so I think to show even just a li’l bit of gratitude, we make sure that hardwork doesn’t go to waste. And now that I’m a parent, I’m also passing this thinking/value to my daughter and will pass on to my future sons and daughters. Appreciation. Acknowledgement.


By the way, congratulate me dears as I have found meself a job! Yay after three months, I’m no longer unemployed. My new company is not really as known as my first, and not as glamorous as BPOs these days but I’m very excited to be learning new things so wish me luck, ayt? I’ll still be very visible here in CTC as this will definitely serve as my stress-reliever. 🙂 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lifelessons says:

    Congratulations on your new job.

    1. BienAdosto says:

      Haha thank you ☺️

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