I’ve recently been introduced to the complicated world of men’s fashion and so far, so good. My go-to website for such has been David Guison’s and I’ve been learning alot about men’s wear and appropriately dressing up for any occasion. I think he has a distinct style that doesn’t compromise masculinity. I think that sets him apart considering that most male fashion bloggers and style advocates now are bordering androgyny (wow must be reading alot of style blogs for me to know this LOL!) Anyway, I have mentioned quite a couple of times in  this blog that I’m trying to look more current and younger – really, this is just to hide my actual age haha! And I think so far, I’ve succeeded. 

right about when we were to bring our daughter to Sunday school, my supportive wife snapped a photo of me posing like a true Guison-minion 🙂
shirt by Penshoppe; jeans by The Landmark, shoes by Milanos; eyewear by SM Accessories


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  1. Woohooo! Fab at 31, hahaha! Sometimes I actually feel you don’t need me anymore to help you pick up the right clothes for you coz you know exactly what you want na. Naks! 🙂

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