Cast in the Same Mold

Dear Nicole,

First of all, let me clarify that I am happily married. That my wife is the best out there, really. Nothing compares to how much I value and care for her. She’s the love of my life. And I will depart from this world loving only her and no one else.

Let’s just this say this is a letter professing a man’s admiration to a woman I also find attractive.

I’ve never been into modeling shows on TV. Heck, I’m not even into modeling, like, at all. But my wife is. Possibly, the biggest fan of Naomi Campbell here in the Philippines. On the opposite side of the pole, however, I may be the most un-fan of hers. Why? Because she bullied you.

I found your strength and restraint truly admirable. I found your patience calming. I found your looking after your apprentices inspiring. I think your strategy, albeit risky, was different, and unconventional. I approve of your gentleness and your idea of fair game rousing.

It also didn’t hurt that it had been wonderful seeing you clad in skimpy lingerie every time, with those long legs and bronze skin to boot.

I guess I like you because I think you and my wife were cast from the same mold. Beautiful but down-to-earth, ambitious but humble, vain but thoughtful. The world needs women like you. and Truthfully, men needs more women like you. 

I am just happy I found mine. And she’s to keep until the end of time. 


Forever in your esteem,



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  1. Bumawi towards the end! Hahaha. I love you hon. Thank you for constantly making me a part of your writing 🙂

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