Forever, A Brother From Another Mother.

Since I’ve got a lot of time and I’m giving this blog of mine all possible boosts it can possibly get, I’m starting a new challenge! Yay! This is apart from me participating in Daily Post’s prompts and weekly writing and photo challenges. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a job – all you can do is write, watch shows and slack around haha! 

So this new challenge is the 30 Day Letter Challenge! It’s a little different from the writing challenges that I get to do in a way that it’s maybe a little more personal, a little more from-the-heart, and I get to stretch my skills in writing letters! Interesting really because I haven’t written letters in ages!

30 day letter challenge

Who knows, it might give me a chance to write a letter to you too my dear reader, we’ll see haha!

So for my first post, I’m supposed to write a letter to my bestfriend! 🙂

As usual, happy reading folks! And again, if you’re new to this site, don’t forget to hit the follow button to get updates from me. 

Dearest brother Ago,

How are you my friend? It’s been awhile. I know, Facebook Messenger doesn’t really do a good job making us talk frequently like we used to. I guess liking each other’s photos is enough to let us know we’re here and that we’re not going anywhere, right bro?

I’m pretty sure I have your back, as much as you have mine. Like, always.

I used to think we seem to be headed in the same direction. We were both naive and guileless, both took pride out of our valedictorian/salutatorian status from our individual high schools, both looking forward to be licensed engineers of the 21st century, both dreamed big for our respective families, both trusted the Big Guy upstairs in the accomplishment of all these.

But then again, life happened. Much has changed in our lives from the last time we met in our humble college dormitory. 

I relocated. I am now married and have a kid. I got a job so far from engineering but apparently is something that I’m actually good at.

You relocated. You gained glory for yourself getting that license which opened numerous opportunities for you. You continue to build a career that not only suits your course, but is also something that you’re passionate about.

Really, the only thing we share now is that we live in a place different from where we grew up. 

I’m writing you this letter because I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you for everything you’ve done for me. Sure, we’re far from each other. Sure, we’re living each other’s lives now. Sure, things are different now. But I don’t think you’ve left me, both in my ups and in my down, my victories and my defeats. You’ve shared in my frustrations with my professional dreams, albeit electronically. 🙂 I appreciate your advices when I make really big life decisions. You were happy I found the love of my life. You are a godfather to my dear Isabelle.

Our friendship even extended up to our own families. 

I can only wish for you that you find that one person who would make your heart flutter at only the sight of her. That someone, besides your family, who would make all your recognitions all the more significant. That woman who would stand by you, in blazing summer, or brooding rainy seasons. That partner to share and cherish moments with. Because brother, truthfully, with everything you’ve given up and continue to give, you deserve a love bigger than all your hardwork, stronger than all your struggles.

My brother – I am forever grateful for the friendship. I am indebted for the camaraderie. I am thankful for the amity. 

Yours in fellowship,

Bien – 


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