Daily Prompt: Digging Up Your Digs

500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?

I guess people from the future would learn how the television robbed us, 21st century humans, of our ability to learn from the outdoors.


via Google images
via Google images


black, white or pigmented, the screen screams procrastination

push people out of normalcy, beyond tenacity

deteriorates realism, evades creativity

Shuns the rustic, precludes fresh air experience –

is what that dumb box is in every sense.


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  1. How true, not only TV but also the i-pads and i-mads. They have got our IQs going down in a spiral. Bur aren’t Houses like bodies and Homes like souls. They can just dig up our houses in future and know about our lifestyle, but would never be able to decipher the love and care that our homes were made of.

    1. BienAdosto says:

      i could not have said it any better. thank you 🙂

  2. your surreal verse reflects our society’s downfall!!

    1. BienAdosto says:

      though not proud of it, I too am a corrupted soul because of television –

      thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

      1. You are not alone,we all are a part of it…may be it is a part of our evolution…:)

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