Weekly Writing Challenge: Manifesto

Our church opened a new talk series and it centered on the writings of Solomon – Ecclesiastes. The series appropriately tagged as Holehearted – centers on how Jesus can and is most able to complete us in every way.

For the first week, we tackled man searching for his reason for living.

And I am now to write a manifesto on how I think I should determine my reason for living.

As was discussed on the service, man tries to pursue three things in his life.

  1. The pursuit to morality
  2. The pursuit to significance
  3. The pursuit to pleasure

I think there are no other ways that we can code man’s pursuits as well as the aforementioned. Man, in his neverending quest tries to have one of the three as a goal.

Pursuit to Morality

I can very well tag my life goal under this category. The search to be upright. The journey to humility. The path to righteousness.

I was raised and reared to follow what’s right and to avoid all sorts of wrong. I was told that actions will have their corresponding consequences. That karma is evident. That’s why growing up, I’ve always been sensitive to other people’s feelings. That as much as possible, I don’t step on somebody’s rights. I was taught that kindness, understanding, patience and keeping my feet firmly on the ground would secure me a life well-lived.

But not everyone seeks for morality. Not everyone is upright. Not everyone is righteous. And so there is bullying, there is cruelty, there is abuse, there is maltreatment. In an imperfect society where one tries to be ethical, where one tries to live by the rules, victims come to life, casualties rise to unprecedented proportions, the wounded grow rampant.

So, is living for morality the way to go? Ecclesiastes says “It is meaningless!”

Pursuit to Significance

We all need a hero to save our day – this is a cry that’s widespread nowadays. Why, if it isn’t, why would we have all sorts of Marvel and DC gracing our theaters, manning box office receipts, ensuring income returns? People get inspired by heroism, by bravery and by gallantry. Amidst the disappointments, we expect a perfect person with supernatural powers to make our life easy.

And so we carry out that model! We do things because we need acknowledgement, we cherish recognition, we ache for fame and the need to be be appreciated. But after fame and fortune, greatness and the spotlight, what’s next?

Is being renowned enough to make you feel complete? Again, Ecclesiastes says “It is meaningless!”

Pursuit to Pleasure

Vanity – trend is what matters now. What, with every month, iPhone comes out with a new model and fanboys and fangirls alike flood the streets and fall in line to get the newest offer from the tech giant. With every season Chanel, Ferragamo, Valentino etc. comes out with a new line to encourage young ladies that being your bare self is never going to be enough. How are we to know that we alone are enough? That there’s no need to buy a new lipstick line just so our mouths can be noticed? That being comfortable in your skin is always better than bulimia-ing your way to be a better figure!

Is being physically perfect the only way to happiness? Time and time again, Ecclesiastes says “It is meaningless!”

So what really is your reason for living?

I’d say go for Jesus! Go for the Reason who breathes life and hope in you every single day; who believes that you are enough, in whatever form, size, shape and orientation; who needs no upgrade to tell you that you are new  to salvation whatever version you may be; who accepts you whatever ideology you believe in – so long as you accept Him. He is the Reason that really, needs no reason as He’s always there – waiting for His children to come home to His arms and repent.



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