Daily Prompt: Writer’s Block Party

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

It’s only been about a few days since I’ve revived this blog. I’ve been out for a year! – imagine that. I guess in that year that I have not written anything, apart from not having the time really, I’ve underwent a case of a long-term writer’s block, I have two reasons why this was the case.

1. Lack of equipment

  • It’s been about a couple a years since our ASUS notebook gave up on us and about the same time too that our desktop decided to just, i don’t know, retire? I have my iPhone and my iPad but I guess it’s a little different to be randomly writing your thoughts when you have all the temptations of Zombie Tsunami and Subway Surf vs. when you have a 14″ screen and fully-functioning keyboard in front of you.

2.Work and all that jazz

  • Work had been pretty crazy last year. It was so demanding that the extra time I had, I would devote to just sleep. It’s not easy to wake up at 2am, work my way the entire day, spend a couple hours with the wife and family and sleep again to regain strength for the following day. That was my routine the whole year and I know you’re now questioning why I allowed such an existence? Seriously, I’ve been asking myself that and now happy to have found my answer.

Which brings me to – solutions!

1. Of course I had to get myself a new equipment! My wife and I recently decided on investing on a new laptop because we’re kind of setting her up for an online job.

Welcome our new ASUS X-series laptop! My buddy in transforming all my thoughts into the written word.
Welcome our new ASUS X-series laptop! My buddy in transforming all my thoughts into the written word.


So now that we’re waiting for  broadband plan approval, I’m happy to be enjoying my iPhone’s personal hotspot capabilities to blog my nights away, especially that now I am…

2. Unemployed! – yup, I gave up my job of 8 years as a market research supervisor/trainer to explore opportunities in the chemical engineering field – which is really my degree. I haven’t had any luck getting one – maybe because I don’t have experience in the field (I immediately took that market research job a month after I finished college – but that’s a totally different story that I might blog about in the future :)) but I am positive that I would. So in the meantime, here I am, working on not getting a writer’s block everyday so I could share a piece of my thought to the entire blogosphere.

I think above else, to combat writer’s block, it takes commitment and really zoning yourself in to writing. I understand there might be days when creative juices become a little too difficult to extract from our literary brains but at the end of the day, in my opinion, if you really want to write about something, one way or another, inspiration can work its way to your system and you’ll be able to do so.


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