Sundays in Fully Booked

One of the best things that we get to do as a family is bookstore hopping. As much as we can, we try to visit as many bookstores in the metro as possible. We don’t exactly buy books every time. Wife and I would normally scan most of the young adult releases (we’re more of the Levithan, Green, Roth, Han, Patterson type than Sheldon, Roberts, Steele type), read a few pages and then if we like it, we would either buy the book, or if budget doesn’t permit, try to look online for free ebook versions of it.

Books are just wondrous things, aren’t they? You get to learn alot of stuff – vocab-wise, at the same time, you tend to stretch your imagination to the unknown, to things you haven’t tried, to places you’ve never been to. That’s why as early as now, we make sure Saab is into books as well. We buy her on-bargain books from Booksale and we read stories to her before bedtime. Right now, she’s so into them that she even gets to choose the book and the time when we will read to her! Talk about being a bookworm at three! 🙂

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While looking for David Levithan’s Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, daughter’s busy rummaging through all things Disney.
a perfect opportunity for a photo op too haha, not that it's the reason why i'm here haha :)
a perfect opportunity for a photo op too haha, not that it’s the reason why i’m here haha 🙂

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  1. rumadak says:

    True! World of books is amazing 🙂

    1. BienAdosto says:

      I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

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