I was born and raised a Catholic. I think I may have actually even posted a blog before relating my life as a member of the Legion of Mary and an active member of the congregation back when I was younger. I was a mass lector, a choir member, and I finished my secondary and tertiary education from Catholic educational institutions.

I guess sometimes, at some point in our lives, other people – our families, our friends, make decisions for us.

But this is not a post on how different a born again Christian sect is to Catholicism. Neither a comparison of how one is better than the other. This is about how changed of a person I am now because I was spiritually refreshed.

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I started attending services in Victory Christian Fellowship about two years ago. My wife never forced me to do so, but was always encouraging and me seeing how dedicated she is and her family to their church, I didn’t think it was a bad idea to do so.

My inclination towards contemporary Christian songs would then be instrumental in me being more and more absorbed to the services. I became very well into Hillsong – even downloading albums for my own consumption on my mobile phone. I listen to them on my way to work, on my way home, even when I work my way thru the day.

Just listening to the songs and the words – particularly Mighty to Save – it makes me feel, well, saved. Sometimes, I would not even notice I am already crying because the song touches me in so many ways my whiplash of emotion’s all over me. Listening to their songs just gives me a renewed sense of hope and reassurance that indeed, God loves me and that I really don’t have to do anything anymore but accept Him as my personal Lord and Savior.

Years before I came to this resolution, I was a Christian. But more like, a passive Christian. You know, even the most basic things a Christian does, I do not practice. I don’t pray before I sleep, I don’t thank Him when I wake up in the morning, I don’t attend a Sunday service regularly. I was more of a per-need Christian. I’d turn to Him when I need Him, and when I don’t, He’ll be lucky to even cross my mind. I remember I would only visit His place of worship when I was nearing my examination periods, or when I’m having a lot of trouble extending my allowance for the week. Otherwise, I’m all set and I couldn’t care less if it was Christ the King Sunday or the start of the Advent season.

Starting out with VCF, the Bible stories that I once knew as a kid made a lot more sense. Also I paid more attention to the sermon – not even dozing off one second unlike before. My Christian responsibilities started to shine a little clearer too than they ever did before. My Sundays started feeling lighter, blessed and would actually feel like a real start of a new challenging-but-filled-with-hope week.

More than anything else, since exposing myself to the Word and understanding the Bible a little bit more, I realize my purpose, I understood my reason, I really feel, deep within my heart, that this was the closest that I have been to Him.

The long-term is also something that I’ve started to think about. I am now evaluating if I would just stay a regular church attendee or if I should start considering attending one-to-one sessions, even a Victory Weekend. I’ve also started thinking if my singing capabilities suit the church’s music ministry, or if I would perform better as a Group Leader eventually.

I’m just taking my time, and I try to take one step at a time. I like it too that no one’s pressuring me to do the next step or whatever. In Your own sweet time, Jesus. For now, I enjoy the time I spend with my spiritual family and I rejoice in the fact that I grow every Sunday that I sing praises to You. Through VCF, I’ve recovered my faith and that is the one thing I’d always be thankful for.


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