Bookstore Sundays

We’re trying to start a new tradition with our daughter and that is spending our Sunday evenings in Fully Booked Alabang Town Center.

We started this about a couple months ago. After attending the 5pm church service at Victory Alabang, we would get our mouths satisfied by eating in a nearby fast food or restaurant (depending on the available budget haha) and then spend the rest of the night (pretty much ’till they close) in Fully Booked. My wife and I would scan on some Young Adult releases while daughter would usually rummage on all things Disney.

Very simple, yes – but we think it’s a great way of instilling in Saab our own personal love for reading.

This last Sunday was no different. We decided, though to not eat anything too heavy because wife made some homemade burgers and beef stroganoff rice topping earlier in the morning and I was so looking forward to devouring them when we reach home. So instead, wife decided we’ll just have some coffee and donuts in Press Cafe, right beside our favorite bookstore.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am into Uniqlo’s V-neck shirts currently so I almost always am in them whenever I go out on casual dates with the fam. Pardon the manboobs haha, I’m still working on  a couple more sit ups and push ups to tone my chest LOL! I’m also wearing my favorite Signor shoes that I bought from SM on a reasonable price last December. Don’t you think this look’s easy breezy?

Shirt – Uniqlo

Pants – The Landmark

Shoes – Signor from SM Department Store

Glasses – SM Accessories

Watch – Swatch



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