Welcome Back!

I can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since my last post. Wow.

I swear there were alot of times that I thought about writing again, but when inspiration kicks in, I would resolve to just pouring it all out in Tumblr. This blog, on the other hand, had been so inactive, so stagnant, that I didn’t bother to even fix it – aesthetically, I mean. I think it’s unfair that I while I remain super active in all other social networking sites – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, my writing had been greatly compromised and have not been given enough attention.

When I think about it however, it was also good that I gave writing a bit of a time to rest. I’ve been on the blogosphere for about 6 years now, on and off. You see, I’m not really the best writer, and I just do this really as a form of expression. I don’t even proofread these posts, I just publish them as soon as I feel I’m done writing. Additionally, my posts are really narcissistic, if I’m being blunt, ‘cos all I write about is my life and my thoughts haha! And I don’t think these thoughts can really change the world. But this is my piece in the worldwide web, and I plan on keeping that piece, no matter how inconsistent I stay on that piece.

So what have I been into the past year?

Not much really. Though I’d like to tell you dear readers that I’ve finally decided to leave Convergys and now in search of my next professional endeavor! Yay! It’s been about two months now that I am unemployed and I’m liking it haha! More time with the wife and daughter – more time to relax and work on my wardrobe and fitness LOL! Seriously though, I think I’ve already had enough time relaxing and un-working haha so I’d be on the lookout for a j-o-b pretty soon and I’ll give you guys an update on that as we go along ;p

So there, this is really just a welcome note to everyone now that I’ve decided to be again active in writing so yeah – be on the lookout for my upcoming posts and let’s all bask and share in the brilliance and power of the written word.


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