Uniq-ly Casual!

I am the newest Uniqlo convert!

I especially like their Megamall branch and on how organized their displays are – makes me think that before I could get my hands on something and actually decide on buying them, I am assured I have been able to check on all shelves and areas.

Their shirts – in particular, are my favorites! Their very comfortable and wait for it… affordable! I think I already have about three v-neck shirts – all in earth colors. I’ll try and see if I’m going to be comfortable in lighter, brighter colors next time.

My best buy so far would be this hoodie! I’m a sucker for jackets/hoodies of all shapes and sizes. Almost, always, the only deciding factor for me when I buy one would be the price tag but this one,was reasonably priced for its quality and comfort!


Black V-Neck Undershirt – Uniqlo

Casual Walking Shorts – Uniqlo

Hoodie – Uniqlo

Shoes – Bally


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