A New Me!

I’m into improving my wardrobe lately. My wife has been helping me in sorting out the good ones from my old stock, and have been incessantly encouraging me to buy new ones to “further” my collection.

I’m not really the kind of person who cares if my hair is set in the right direction or if it’s fashionably correct to mix checkered shorts with a striped shirt. But through dear Kristina, my everydays would now include pairing the right shoes to complete my get-up and deciding appropriately if I should go for the normal barberya or if I should try Bench Fix for a change. Add to that my occasional browsing of men’s fashion blogsites.

I would have to admit this change entails purchase, lots and lots of it, and it goes without saying that it involves moolah. Funny thing is, when I see myself okay with a nice pair of walking shorts and a jacket with a color that fits my not-so-fair complexion, there’s this sense of satisfaction that I can’t quite contain.

I may be in my early thirties, but my look sure doesn’t agree. I could look younger, fresher, a wee bit hipper with the right mix and match.

So, for my debut fashion post – I’m choosing this. I didn’t really think I could look okay in a white shirt, because it overemphasizes my brown complexion. But a change from the conventional collar can actually do the trick. And a good pair of sunglasses too.


Say hello to my newly-groomed pet dog Ccino. 🙂


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