So I’ve finally taken the guts to leave.

8 years. It was never easy. The bumps and the grinds, the good and the not-so-good, the positives and otherwise, the memories and the best kept moments.

I’ve held tears from falling since I finally got to break the news to the very people that I’ve worked with for the longest time – my agents. Though some of them were not able to control themselves and inevitably let out the proverbial ” you were never just a boss, but a very, very good friend”, I made it a point to show to them that this is not a sad decision, but a decision that, though not favorable to all, would eventually make a an even better person. There’s nothing that I would miss more than the time I spent with Yanna, Carla, Mae… even those I share with Shang, Alex, Kat and the rest of the gang.

What I didn’t expect though was the farewell party that my colleagues in the management team threw for me. I was a valuable part of the organization after all. For years, I thought I was never more than a pain in the ass – forgetting deadlines, being not very keen to details, my dismal attendance – only to name a few misfortunes. But I was told I was the best trainer – perhaps THE BEST compliment I’ve had in years and that, according to them I was given a happy send off for all that I did.

Convergys has been my first in everything, professionally. It’s where I pretty much learned everything. At first is thought I was throwing my chemical engineering hopes for something that I actually liked and would advance in. But I guess it was part and parcel of me being still, naive and new. There’s a bigger world out there. I figured I have to break off my shell and take leaps out of my comfort zone to learn more, to move more, to be satisfied more and to be happy more.

I am excited to be taking this change, but to be honest, I am scared out of my wits. It’s been weeks that I’ve been submitting applications here and there but no one has responded. I am way too pressured that I can’t even be excited anymore – when I should be excited in the first place. I guess I just have to take my time, lean back a little, let time take its course and let Him take the driver seat. I am hopeful and I am never running out of optimism.


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