This is Love!

Boracay is love.

Many complain that the loud music, the nonstop partying, the growing number of commercial establishments in the island are swiftly defacing Boracay’s charm, but I disagree. I think Boracay wouldn’t be as popular and as familiar that it is right now without these, for they form part and parcel of the island’s attractive pull amongst visitors.

I first visited Boracay in the mid 90s. It was an incentive for being a contender in the Regional DOST Science Investigatory contest. I was in 5th grade at the time. Though I knew Boracay, I wasn’t that enthusiastic when we were told we are to be brought to Club Panoly resort for a few minutes of sun, sea and sand. But it’s Boracay! And the organizers are bringing us there for free! I remember tita and I even brought home a pail of its infamous white sand as some sort of a remembrance that we indeed, visited what everyone was just hoping to visit.

Fast forward, it’s now 2013! My wife and I had planning to go there since becoming a couple in 2009. Four years?! Imagine that. And oh boy, it was all worth the wait and patience!


20130531-050044.jpg 20130531-045949.jpg 20130531-050130.jpg 20130531-050110.jpg


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