It seems like you have an unceasing interest in bullying the people around me. It’ll never stop, huh?! Well, this time, it will.
I remember very well when I first took this venture, somebody told me you’re one of the few people I can actually trust. That person turned out to be wrong, VERY wrong in fact. Oh God if that person only knew, the many things you’ve said and the things you can say, I’d say that person will be utterly shocked.
I also remember that time when one of your babies were being bullied, and you of course, the ever loving “parent” came to his rescue. One thing led to another, and one person says this and another that, and you referred to one of your colleagues as plastik and that that person doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your, despite his position. You told my wife, then girlfriend, that I shouldn’t be involved in that, being new and all. That I should be on safer grounds.
And safe, I was. I was on my own. I was an island. But an island liked by many – yan aminin nyo. :p
Looking back, I’m happy I made the right decisions. I’m resolved by the fact that I wasn’t there to please anyone. It is afterall, just one aspect of my life. And at the end of the day, after several hours in that seemingly harmless environment ( which obviously isn’t), I’d be back in my own happy place, my home – where everyone is truer than true.
To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. You always take pride in your intelligence, and I first admired that. Everybody thought you’re one hell of a leader, and I first thought I could be like you too. You know I was a neophyte, and I was looking for a role model. We shared that one interest, and I’d always be thankful that I learned the ropes through you.
But the last couple of years saw my admiration and my RESPECT go downward spiral. The way you look at people, especially the ones who would be challenged to be at par with you, like they’re several miles beneath you, this irked me. The way you would address them as imbeciles and morons makes me think – you regard yourself so high you forgot how it is to be at the below. That you started somehow, somewhere at the below. That just like anyone else, you were them years back. I wouldn’t even be surprised when your “current friends” turn their backs on you if they knew a thing or two of what you said about them in the past.
Possibly the worst is how you can be one person when I face you, and be all different when I’m nowhere in sight. You seem to have mastered the skills of a two-faced person, nice one minute, then hellbent on destroying anything that comes your way the next. It’s one thing to be like that to someone you just knew, it’s another when it’s towards a supposed “friend” and an almost-family!
I don’t know what my wife did to upset you and your circle. But I’m beyond that. All I’m after now is for you to control your minions. I let pass all the bullying you did to my peers via Oplan Lunod, Oplan Diploma Girls and Oplan Hindi Kayo Deserving Manalo. This is my wife. This is my family. I’m not gonna keep silent while you defy professionalism just so you can have a good laugh over coffee or tea. I refuse to stay mum when you disseminate information to pretty much just anyone when it’s supposedly privy to only a specific set of people, just so you can use something against her. I refuse for my wife to be a subject of ridicule.
You’re a leader so act like one. You’re intelligent, you claim that all the time, so I suppose you know what to do. Act like a true professional, ‘coz that’s what you are, right? Unless I’m wrong and that you truly have the qualities of someone who grew up in the slums, then I can do nothing about that anymore.

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