Not Another YearEnd Post!


Again, it’s been awhile since my last post. The usual reason. I don’t get to really write alot these days.

So 2013, huh. It all sounds so futuristic – of robots, flying cars and the likes. Turns out, the Mayans had it all wrong, maybe they’ve left out a couple leap and common years as they count. I guess we just have to be thankful. We’re still here, we’re alive, we’re kickin’ it and we’re all the more ready to face the next ones.

2012 had been an okay year for me. Not a lot of extravanganza, not alot of fireworks. Things had been, well, steady. I was just thinking about it a couple days back while blog hopping and reading some new year posts and yearender reflections.

Why is my 2012 ain’t as colorful as everyone else’s?

One had the shortest haircut she’s ever had. One turned to dancing and realized it’s even better to do such than be in theater productions. One found the love of her life. A couple welcomed their first child, while another had one more after the first.

Then again, I realized – I already have all of that. And more.

I’m all set.

Though my wife and I had some pretty serious misunderstandings the past year, they’d be lesser in number than the previous year. Though we’ve had lesser opportunities in discovering new and estrange lands to satisfy the backpackers in us, we’ve rocked our visits to Cebu, Baguio, Batangas,Tagaytay and even surprised ourselves with an Ilocos Norte-Segue-Pagudpud escapade to cap the year. I got to revisit my favorite beach on earth (for now) and though I was a little bit disappointed to see the stormy side of it, I still was anything but disappointed to once again experience it’s beauty and wonder. Meeting my wife’s extended Ilocano family was a bonus too.

Work was on the opposite side of things however, and quite frankly, it has been for the past couple of years already. I don’t know if this is already a sign for me to switch careers and pursue greener pastures somewhere else. I mean, I love certain parts of my job, but there are things I no longer can tolerate. It’s just that with my current status, being a husband and a father, I can’t just let important things (a JOB) go. I can’t make that risk. Hopefully, I get to decide on where my feet should take me professionally this new year.

Saab, my dear Saab – she’s growing too fast! She just turned two and I can’t help but marvel on all the new tricks she’s learned. We didn’t get to celebrate her second birthday the lavish way. We decided it would be more personal slash practical to just be with our families on this special day. It turned out to be yes, intimate, but a little stressful, as it coincided with one of her baby consti-episodes – something that always takes away the patience in all of us.

So there! Those are just snippets of my 2012. This would’ve been a little more lengthy had I taken the time to really jot down the highlights per month. I just don’t have the time really, at least for now. Important thing is, I’ve rocked and I’ve loved 2012, and I can’t wait to do the same this 2013


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