Thirties. Sixties. Thanks Tita!

Happy Birthday my dearest Tita!
I can’t believe two more years and she’s officially a senior citizen!
WhiIe I was growing up with her, during my elementary days in particular, her age is something that I’ve always been familiar with – maybe because she hasn’t denied about it one bit. I knew then that she was on her mid-thirties. I find it a little weird now that while she’s approaching her sixties, I am, in turn, about to face my thirties. Gawd, time indeed is soooo fast!
There’s only thing that I’ve always prayed for – her good health. I hope she would still be around when my daughter reaches high school, finds her first crush, aces all her academic subjects, even as she walks down the aisle! I know Saabie can still use a little “Neng” discipline especially at this day and age. I’m grateful I was raised to appreciate all the good things in this life, at the same time, recognize and acknowledge my limitations. I’m thankful I was raised to treat people in a way that I would’ve wanted them to treat me in return. That’s her signature, the “Neng” signature.
I love you ‘ta. Even when I don’t say that as often as you would’ve liked – know that I do, with every breathing second of my life.

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