I Too, Looked For Alaska

So I now have a new favorite author.
Mr. John Green.
One mention of his name already sends shiver to my spine. He’s so good a writer! Since Nicholas Sparks, I haven’t really had the chance to get to know more of the contemporary writers around. This changed when I downloaded a copy of The Fault in our Stars. Gus and Hazel were so perfect I thought other titles of the same author would also fare well.
And so I met Alaska, Pudge, The Colonel and Takumi. Life in a boarding school would have changed forever.
Looking for Alaska is a story of Pudge’s or Miles Halter’s search for his Great Perhaps. I’ll leave it at that ‘coz I might spoil the beauty, the tragedy and the life-changing lessons this novel teaches us if I go a li’l deeper :p
I’ll leave you guys a quote from this new favorite of mine. Hopefully, this’ll get your attention and urge you to go get it from your nearest bookstore.

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