Gadgets, Got Ya!

It’s been awhile since my last post and I’ve actually been thinking of *again* deactivating this account and make better somewhere else. But the thought of losing tens and thousands (yup, exaggerating) of stories, kept-up secrets (nope, not a chance), dreams and aspirations is a little depressing, so I decided to just let the days pass and tell Mr. Nice Guy to hang in there for he’d be updated one fine day.
I guess that one fine day is now. :p
So. my last post was about our little three-day family Baguio escapade (which was by the way THE most relaxing – it’ll always be when you get away from all the work dilemma) and was published thru ever-reliable Paddy ( I think I should call our pad that way). Hardwork?- yes. I just didn’t have the time really. My life revolved around work from Sundays thru Thursdays, Saab and annoying Dora and super gay Barney on Fridays, wishful jogging and fitness day during Saturdays and sleep right in between all of ’em. Add to that our super UNRELIABLE desktop computer – which hardly opens on our days off – and ta-dah! – my writing schedule is so disturbed Mr. Nice Guy would have complained if he can speak one tad word.
So to update – we got ourselves a couple gadgets this last quarter. So we have the Ipad 2 that is so awesome I think I’d never get enough of it. I overcame the obsession of hitting more millions on Temple Run as soon as I hit 1M, but my overwhelming unresistance over Photo and Video apps is something I’d have to deal with, maybe, for as long as I live. Those Retro,Vintage and Antique photo applications drive me crazy. It’s like put a picture in there, tap a few buttons and voila! 60’s photo in an instant. Not to mention that it hides all the facial imperfections us home sapiens dread. Also, Ibooks is to die for! I was so addicted to downloading ebooks that I already have about 100+ titles and have only read one! (still unfinished at press time). 
I’ve owned two ipods to date. My ever loyal mini that has been with me since 2004 has finally decided to retire and spend his last remaining limbs in Antigua and Barbuda, jk – really it won’t start up anymore after I decided to do an overhaul of its contents. It was heartbreaking but life’s like that, one minute things are okay and then poof! (notice the Harry Potter finale movie reference lol)
Then wife gave me birthday gift I was so thankful I even made a blog about it. It was an Ipod 3rd generation that was basically my first ever entry pass to the wonders and the brilliance of then Steve Jobs. It was exhilarating to be experiencing Apple Itunes for the first time. Sadly though, some merciless, heartless person took it away from me.
Then just this month, as an early Christmas present, wife gave the best thing ever! – a 4th generation, white colored, with rear and front facing camera Ipod! 🙂 Things have never been this good. Now we don’t have to decide on who’s sleeping with Paddy tonight (lol) or who’s turn is it to charge him.
We may have less travels this year (only 2 but very good ones in Cebu and Baguio), we rewarded ourselves with things we can enjoy with even at home, and even better when we’re out. We took the best pictures and the best videos when we were at the City of Pines using Paddy. We’re looking forward to more good ones if our plans this December and early January will push thru.
That’s it for now. I swear I’m gonna make “blogging more often” one of my 2013 resolutions.
See ya!

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