I am Jake Jagielski

I miss my team.
This isn’t a good year for us. I remember when we were once proud and loud of our presence on the floor, of our numerous out-of-town trips, of our own unique brand of humor, of how diverse and of how varied and of how ONE we once were.
Now, almost half of my team members have went on and moved to more fruitful horizons, have decided to tread unfamiliar but promising paths and have departed their once comforting niche – the Grey Warlocks. I could say I’m happy for them, but with it comes the realization, that indeed, at some point, somehow, we play the role of those who get to leave people behind, and the one who gets left. I unceasingly hope sometimes we can be Jake Jagielski’s. We believe people who leave can come back too.
I think the team as a whole have felt the missing pieces of a once strong and formidable family. Now, we hardly go out. We hardly take the time to spend some time with each other. Cliques have formed, groups have emerged. One became two, two divided into three and so on.
The years on its last stretch and I pray and I certainly wish we can bring the glory days of my team back as we take heed on a new start. We desire not to be on top really. We desire not to be the best. We only desire to be one. Be us. Just be the old, happy us.



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