Just a Little Too…

It’s good to be back – in my very own fortress of solitude. It’s been awhile friends, I know. Life had been quite a little too complicated for me to handle, job had been quite a little more challenging, budgeting a little too stringent than the usual, relationships just a little too in passing.
But really, it’s the job.
A huge, primary survey project  was transitioned to me a couple months back, and though how much I wanted to say I’ve always wanted a challenge to throw me off my high horse, it was a little to big a challenge, a little too overwhelming for me to manage. The first few pitches, were, yeah, well and good, but they turned out to be the calm before the storm. My once quite market research niche transformed into a world of who-did-the-right-thing-wrong to a universe of am-never-gonna-be-able-to-see-that-2131-tracker-the-same-way-again. Mouthful, yes? But it wouldn’t do justice to all the mixed emotions, all the drama and rama of how things unfolded befoe my very eyes. It came to a point that I no longer wanted to open my Outlook email, much less compose a single mail.
Luckily I’m over that phase now and hopefully I don’t get to add another death-defying moment in my already unstable career as a phone person lol.
And you guys, the past few days I got bored and realized I have a Tumblr app on my mobile phone, so I made myself (again) a Tumblr site. 🙂 It’s really just because of my fascination over movie and television quotes that I’ve decided to make a different page dedicated solely to it. Visit The Quote Potato (bienadosto.tumblr.com) and let’s share the best ever quotes humankind has even spoken.


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