I’m Sorry, I Forgot.

I can’t rely on my memory anymore.
I don’t know what has happened to me but lately, I don’t know why but I can easily forget on a lot of things. I would like to believe I have the sharpest memory when I was younger. I aced Biology during my sophomore year with only the habit of reading lessons in advance – reading. Not even memorizing. It wasn’t even a task for me to remember Seamus Finnigan’s remark to Neville Longbottom on a deleted Sorcerer’s Stone scene after only watching the the movie three times.

“I don’t appreciate insinuations Longbottom. Besides, if anyone cares to notice, my eyebrows have completely grown back!”

Well I haven’t forgotton that. I’ve watched it for like a million times already.
Back to my point – now – I can think of a topic and forget about it after only a few seconds. I would do something and completely assume I haven’t done it in a matter of minutes.
I know, sucks to be me.
Now, I have to write every single thing on my day-to-day to-do list or I’ll lose my job just because of my forgetfulness or my otherwise described as pre-Alzheimers condition. Well, it’s not THAT serious really – for now. But because my job is kinda sorta like a jack of all trades, project and personnel management plus recruitment and training on the side, I can’t afford to keep on forgetting things and say “I’m sorry”, “I apologize” on an all-too-frequent basis it already sounds pathetic.
Makes me remember of that episode of Happy Endings where a waiter doesn’t take note of his customers’ orders that eventually led him to living inside his own car. Ugh. I don’t have a car. So that would lead me living in the streets. Nope. Cannot be. So I’m taking notes and I’m making checklists from here on out.

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