Jessica’s Got It!

A big American Idol fan – that’s me! 🙂
I’ve religiously watched the show since season 4 and tried to follow the careers of its winners and contestants up to this very moment. I have all of Carrie’s albums in my pod, selectively downloaded some of Kelly’s greatest hits, memorized Elliot’s heartwarming renditions, listened to all of Daughtry’s brooding excerpts and even admired Hicks’ and Gokey’s country swoonings. Amidst controversies, and all sorts of issues surrounding its popularity, I believe the show is successfull in at least one objective – making dreams come true (no matter how fleeting they may seem).
So the eleventh season of the much talked-about show just wrapped up and though we, again, witnessed another white guy with the guitar besting our dear Pinoy-pride Jessica Sanchez, I’d say that was one of the most riveting, most exciting finales we’ve seen to date (no matter how US Nielsen ratings say otherwise). In my opinion, this season would have been the most-watched here in the Philippines, with every Juan Dela Cruz anticipating a 33% Pinoy – 33% Mexican – 33% American winning the whole competition. However America saw it and us wondering when that  oh-so-lucky-but-it-really-is-getting-old WGWG streak will end, in our Pinoy hearts of hearts, Jessica won the thing and will continue to win more hearts all across the globe.
Here, to further our beliefs, is Jessica’s duet with the ever fantastic Jennifer Holliday during the season finale :

Need I say more?


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