May ’12 Outings

So I realize, I only have one entry for the month of May.
One. Just one. Wow, was my May that busy?!? I don’t remember it being more busy than the other previous months, but why just one post? Why?
The good news though, is that my blog layout had been this for quite some time na. Yay! At last, I’ve stopped my addiction in searching for the best layout that suits my taste. Haha! Pretty choosy of me, but hey, aesthetics mean something too, you know.
So let’s start June right, ayt?
image image
I’ve had quite a number of escapades last month. For a change, those escapades weren’t my wife and I’s escapades. They’re more like work escapades. Yup, I’m talking about work team buildings.
First, my team -the Grey Warlocks – went to Club Manila East for a day of fun under the sun, the artificial sea and the artificial sand (add artificial waves as well ). ;p It was refreshing because even though there were alot from my team who were not able to make it, some of us brought our partners, wives and husbands and kids to CME too. More than a team building, it also was some sort of a family day for all of us.
Also, it’s been awhile since our program’s management team went out and think not only of quotas and of project targets. I think the last time we had our team building activity was about two years ago. We had an overnight stay at Astoria Ortigas Center. I don’t want to elaborate a whole lotta deal on that because I would have to tell you guys I locked myself on one of our unit’s bathroom and spent half of the night away with my back lying on the bathroom floor.
Oh wait, I didn’t just say that. No, it was a just night of alcohol (just a little), dancing and Pinoy Henyo. Let’s just put it that way.
Anywho, this time, we explored the lovely city of Baguio. I was a ‘lil hesistant to join at first because I don’t want to have a whole new perspective of it after my wife and I started our love story there about 2 and a half years ago. But due to her insistence that I join (ironically), I packed my bags and prepared to (again) sleep on a bathroom floor (no, that would be creepy – Baguio’s filled with ghosts, they say, so NO).
It was fun to be with colleagues and not think of someone as your boss or your boss’ boss. It was just us, enjoying every bit of our short vacation, away from all the numbers and all the pressures of our respective PMs haha. I hope this happens more frequently as these kinds of activities not only give us time to relax and unwind, but also are opportunities on fostering friendship, camaraderie and strong working relations between us, leaders.
So there. Though I don’t have a lot of blog posts last month, I enjoyed the time I spent with my team and my management colleagues. Will make sure to update you more over the next few days. 😉

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