TNGS Update (for lack of time to blog)

So I’m writing this because I have alot of time to spare. Wife had to attend some focus group discussion somewhere at the Fort (which means additional moolah so hurrah for The Avengers on Wednesday haha) and I’m waiting for cousin to finish her application process here in Convergys.

I hope she gets accepted. Her family back in the province can’t afford that she go jobless at this point, with her younger sister in college and with all the monthly bills they have to face. Besides, this is Convergys – which is only like the best BPO in the Philippines. I’ve long wanted her to be a part of us – I mean, Teleperformance is good and all, but this is CVG – CVG – those three letters speak for themselves. She didn’t make it the first time she tried her luck, but I’m hoping this time, with her three years of sales and CS experience with TP – she’ll make it through.

We celebrated Ccino’s 2nd birthday yesterday. It was a total blast! I was laughing the whole time because I can’t believe that we were all wearing red/pink shades of shirts, birthday hats with JWU (Justice League something) printed all over it, with balloons all over our dining area and special birthday greetings on blue cartolinas posted on our walls. We had mango Red Ribbon cake and Arce Dairy vanilla ice cream! It was like we’re celebrating a real baby boy’s birthday! Ccino had to even blow the 2-shaped candle placed at the center of his cake. It was funny at some points, but very heartwarming.

Ccino came into our lives in just about the same time as we were facing the most challenging, most uncertain phase of our life as partners. I don’t know but for some reason, when Tin had alot of questions on her mind, crying her eyes and her thoughts day and night upon knowing we’ll have a kid, Ccino made things easier to bear. Tin would carry him to our balcony, would watch people passing by, would kiss him every now and then, would whisper words to him that up until now, I have no knowledge about. He really is our first bundle of joy. Crap, I can’t stop myself from being teary eyed while typing this. It’s just super – I know all pet lovers out there would understand. That kind of love is just so simple but so huge. Some might not understand the fondness we carry for Ccino, but after everything we’ve been through and him being there through them all, he just deserves all the love and all the affection we can offer.

I can’t wait for May already! Next month would be a very busy month for me. First, me and my wife are gearing up for our next summah destination for the year. I so pray this pushes through as this is something I’ve long wished for. This would be on the second week of the month. My 5-day leave had been already approved and Tin also filed requests additional shifts to make up for the days she’ll be out (oh critical working months, leave us alone!). Second, my team will have it’s own summer outing come third weekend of the month. We’ll be back in Batangas for some pure fun and enjoyment – the GW way haha. Our team out-of-towns have always been about laughter, camaraderie and a little humiliation (haha everyone look at me) so I’m sure it’s going to be nothing but F-U-N. And finally, after two years, I’ll be back in Baguio! Wohoo! Our program’s management team will be in the country’s summer capital the last week of May for some team building exercises and Manila being so hot can only make this event all the more exciting.

Gawd, this also means overspending. Goodluck!

So there! Be back for more TNGS updates. Till Then. 🙂


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