My team is officially the best team ever.
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Okay. Am gonna have to go be honest here and admit I expected they’d do a repeat of last year’s surprise party. I expected yes, maybe because I know that even despite my frequent not texting back to their queries, my sometimes nonchalant reactions to their undertakings, and my hesitation to sometimes be participative in all non-office related lakads,  they’d still do something special for me on my birthday. Just cause, you know. Haha!
But seriously, this one’s something I didn’t expect at all. I know you’ve been humiliating me on countless occasions because of my over-sized belly but I didn’t think you guys would go as far as leaving me no choice but to to trim it.
So to you Warlocks – a HUGE thank you! And cheers to hopefully a sexier and a trimmer me in the next few weeks! 🙂

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