Birthdays and the Best Wife in the World

Here comes my yearly annual post on how my wife is the best wife in the world and on how she surprises me on my birthdays like I’m the friggin’ king of England haha.
Anyway, so we’ve already celebrated my birthday a few days back outside of the metro (blog post on that coming in a few hours) and I wasn’t expecting any hurrahs or surprises anymore. As much as I love the feeling of being special, which I think birthdays can only give you, I’ve come to realize that after all the merrymaking, the greetings and the what have you’s, I can’t deny that I’m already 29. A year short and I’d say goodbye to my twenties. Eww, seriously.
So it was just like any other day when my wife and I strolled the malls that she invited me to the movies to watch the latest installment of Wrath of the Titans (the movie was so-so plotwise, but was majestic when it came to its special effects btw). I was dying to see the movie so I agreed. After an action packed 2 hours, she then offered to treat me for a venti of coffee (yes, the expensive one) and since I haven’t had a sip in ages of that coffee (you know how it is to be a family man haha), I agreed to that as well.After ordering, she came back telling me she asked the barrista if she can do something special because, as it happens, it’s her husband’s birthday. I can still remember how I responded to that:

Anu na na naman yan hon? Oi you know how I hate to be the center of attention, so wag na ha kung anu man yan – –  

Thank Zeus the act wasn’t as attention-grabbing as I first thought. She came back with this – –
The following day, I stayed home as it was my day off and only Tin had her shift. As any  of my other days off, I was there, just letting hours and hours pass me by, sitting in front of our computer, editing a whole lot of photos, or just merely watching videos (which also means singing karaoke via Youtube). I didn’t expect for her to be home so soon (as she almost, always spends time with friends when it’s my off). The door of our room suddenly swung open, followed by her carrying this, humming to happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you.
Notice the 29 shaped candle. I wanna tell her, “Yeah, I know that so don’t rub it off of my face” haha but the moment was so sweet I didn’t wanna ruin it 🙂
That was, like, after 3 days of my actual birthday.Who does that haha, seriously? 
So hon, thank you, again, for not running out of ideas, of surprises, of simple ways into making me happy and in making me feel like I’m the luckiest husband in the world.  I know I’ve often made padinig that I want a HUGE burger for my birthday, but this BK Streaky Bacon Steakhouse is more than what I was asking for (yes, you can even say price-wise haha). You do know however, that even without burgers and written notes on SB napkins, you still are the best wife in the world. 🙂

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