Another So Long – –

I’ve always felt sad when a member of my team decides to go on a different venture and leaves. Sad because I feel so comfortable around my “anak” already that I fear the ones who’ll replace them would be quite different and the anti-social in me would have to adjust again and start from tier 1. Our program’s a part-time program so employee transition has always been swift, and people coming and going have been so ordinary team leaders have to deal with new employees on almost a weekly basis. It’s hard to establish working relationships just to see them fall apart in a jiffy. My team, however, has always been strong and I’ve always attributed my team’s bond to the ones who have stayed longer – they have always been very welcoming to the newer ones and have always made them feel they belong.
Jaymee – she’s always the dependable one. I know I can always trust that she’s doing her job, and doing it well. I know I can always count on her participation on whatever it is that that the team needs to get into. I know she’ll never fail me on my expectations on her as being a part, a significant part, of a whole.
Another So Long - -
Sorry Jaymee, had to “steal” one of your pics for this 🙂
Amongst all of these, I admire Jaymee because of her perspective in things most important. She’s been through alot – worked on two jobs, burnt the midnight oil in days aplenty, dealt with frustrations one would say “I‘m lucky I’m not her” but still maintained a positive and an an optimistic view of all of her undertakings.
She survived them all, and is still surviving, and has kept her integrity and her person intact. Awesome really. Her strength and her optimism never fail to amaze me.
To you Jaymee – thank you. Thanks for sticking around and for making my job a hell of a lot easier. It’s always a pleasure meeting someone with a personality such as yours, let alone working with them. I firmly hope the best of luck in whatever road you choose. And rest in the fact that you’ll always have a team that has your back.

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