29th and Content.

Wow – 29 years.
As I’m writing this, I can’t believe I’m this “old” already. I can still remember when tita (backtrack and you’ll know she raised me) entered her 30’s. The worries she’s had that she’s getting older than the number of calendar days – and I can’t help but think –

“yup –  it all goes down to this”.

I’m not really someone who denies his age (yeah I do at times, but only jokingly). I do believe however, that in men, with age comes wisdom. With growth of wrinkles, the maturity of one’s discernment. But so too entering your late twenties comes the realization –

what have I achieved so far in my 29 years of existence?

I haven’t any really. I don’t have a house of my own yet. I haven’t bought myself my dream car just yet (it used to be Ford Escape when I was in college, now I only wish for a Jazz, or something that looks like that and cheaper). I haven’t been into any foreign country. I have so many frustrations, personally and professionally, that this space wouldn’t be enough for me to enumerate them.
Let’s just put it this way: Everybody used to tell me I’d go places. I’d explore the world. Will be big someday.
But no. I am an ordinary employee earning the right amount of pesos (or not?) to help me get by. I rent someone else’s house just so I have a roof over my head. I endure my day to day encounters with dust and public transport.
Am I happy?
Oh sure hell I am! I have a wonderful family that reminds me everyday how dreams are so within reach when someone gets all the support system he/she needs. I have my pretty wife who inspires me minute-by-minute that indeed, love is all that I’ll ever need. I have my pretty daughter who strengthens me by simply giving me a smile. I have my adorable son (you guess it right, Ccino) who teaches me that a warm hug can always do the trick. 
So what have I acheived? Far greater than any material possession in this life. And perhaps even in the next. Love. I’ve got it good. And I don’t even have the slightest reason to complain.
So Happy Birthday to me. And for every single year that God gives me more reasons to be thankful, I would always be reminded that I’ve got it good. And that God has been, and always will be good to me.

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