Thank You!

Parting is, indeed, such sweet sorrow.I first met her about six years ago. A newbie, I almost had no idea what I got myself into. Underwent two sets of training, brushed up on my English language and there I was, doing surveys for companies with names I can’t even pronounce correctly.After a month of being on the floor and earning about a meager 4K per cutoff, I heard they are in search of a few agents, willing to do night shifts. Since I don’t really have much to do, and the only thing that occupies my not-so-busy life was my Sunday pre-boards review, I signed up – not really knowing what’s out there for me. I just knew a 20% ND premium would be in store. Not bad, right?

And so my years and years of sleepless weekday nights (apparently even weekends ) commenced; with Chuva – our DCM, Jammie – our DCA and fellow agents – Aira, Kristen, Ace, Patrick, Carrie, that Arabo – looking guy (haha I forgot his name) and myself. Our shifts were really boring, repetitive and super routine but I don’t know, it kinda grew in me. That’s when I learned to somehow love the job, be a little competitive (it’s difficult not to be one as most of my teammates have tenure), and though I was already anti-social back then, I learned how it was to be a part of a team, and be proud of it.

That team of 8 grew as time progressed and soon enough, I saw this small but endearing group turn into a company of 20+ people. I remember how fun it was! Our young population grew and exuded more life, more joy and more vigor!

Through my GY years, I’ve only looked up to one person – that one person who first believed in my capabilities and who first thought I can actually grow in an industry others refer to as unimportant and temporary. That was 2007. I was about to resign because of some personal struggles I was going through. She talked to me. Had me rethink my options. Had I gave in and surrendered to that now-I-consider insignificant phase in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am now.To Chuva – Thank You. I often say this and it’s true – I owe a big chunk of my call center career to you – my mentor, my coach, my leader, my friend. I’m confident you’ll be okay no matter where life leads you. ALWAYS – believe you’ve changed another person’s life in more ways than one.



I’ll see you around 🙂

— sorry alang laitan, hindi ko pa naayos, hindi ko naproofread hehe

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