All We Need.

This time of the year, we seem to be getting alot of rants as Valentine’s Day not being an occasion for everyone – only society’s way of reminding people of who’s committed and who’s not – who’s happily in a relationship and who wallows in single blessedness, of basically who’s happy and who’s lonely. But really, do we have to think of it only the romantic way?

How about the times our parents missed on a date so we pay our periodical exams on time?

How about the instances our siblings allow us to skip on a dishwashing cycle so we can hang out with friends?

How about those moments our friends gave in and mellowed their excitement on telling us the latest GoT or The Walking Dead episode just so they can listen to our latest relationship woes?

How about when our bosses missed on a 30-minute break just so they remind us of our pay hours for the next period?

Our teachers and mentors, who never wanted to pass us, but did anyway just  so we don’t see ourselves get frustrated?

Our dogs when they would have wanted to go on a walk but we’re too tired from work to care?

Maybe what I’m trying to say is we celebrate Valentine’s day because we celebrate love. And love is so not limited in the romantic form. Why don’t we  look around and see for ourselves the things that make us happy? Aren’t they reason enough to laud and beat the drum for just plain, good’ol love?

Afterall, as the legendary Beatles put it, it’s all we ever need. Love.

All We Need.


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