Thought Questions: Poser Supersaturation

Thought Questions: Poser Supersaturation


Lately, I’ve been so pissed with alot of things about Twitter.
I mean it’s good and all. I’ve signed up since 2009 and have only been a little more active than before lately ( blame it on my Blackberry). I think it’s a good resource for pretty much everything, news and current events, what’s in and what’s out, who our prez is currently dating, and @mariansuperstar and @krisaquinoSTD outtakes.
It’s just that lately, I’ve been seeing tweets that kinda make me feel like cancelling my account and closing this social network on my lappie altogether. I mean yes, yes, I probably will fit into one of those annoying Twitter profiles Ang Pinaka features too (prolly the one who overly sells his blog all too often and his happy life, but hey, what can I do, I love my blog and my happy life :)) but that’s considerably positive compared to these – –
The never ending cursing of people who think like they are the only ones having a bad day (or a bad year, looks like). I mean, come on, who doesn’t have worse days and not-so-good days? Everyone!! This one person on my followers list can already claim the title “Little Miss Bad Luck” for all I care. Nobody gives a sh*t (yeah, I can curse too) so you can keep your lamenting and the crying to yourself and spare us the drama.
These overly social (well that’s what they want people to call ’em) people who do unimaginable posing just so they get everyone’s attention. People who keep on checking in to places he’s/she’s never actually been into. Seriously. What gives? So everyone can commend you for your hyperactive social life and jetsetting while the rest of us, poor population, consider saving money? People who keep on saying “I am right now shopping” when truth be told, he/she just bought one, miserable, cheap shirt? Or what about people who say things just so they’d be perceived as intellectuals and men and women of opinion? Gawd, have netizens been this deprived of attention? I understand this is a free medium of expression, but don’t we have one bit regard for sensitivity and respect anymore?
That’s just me and my 2 cents once again. I guess I’m just through with it, the supersaturation of posers on the worldwide web. A little dose of it would be fun and amusing, but so much of it, is just plain annoying. Oh well…

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