Of Trainings, Trust and Patience

This week went by and I am nothing but relieved that Wave 47 was able to surpass all the tests for them to become officially members of the organization. Honestly speaking, it’s the most challenging class I’ve handled to date and although there were days where I felt like I was ready to give up, I kept my faith in them. True enough, they held up with their end of the deal and survived.
Challenging, yes, but I think this class made me realize I still have what it takes to be a good trainer. Not the best trainer, I know (I’ve got lots to work on), but good enough for my trainees to trust that they’re in good hands.I swear there were moments when I can only think of just failing those who really can’t catch up, but the good part in me tells me to trust and be a little more patient.
I think I’m gonna rest for awhile and not accept classes in the meantime. I was joking with my peers that I’m hoping my next class would be on December ha! ha! I just think I’m too consumed and that I’ve exhausted all of my patience in this class.
Yes, PST can sometimes bring out the best and worst in someone, but for me, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing someone learned ’cause you were there to help.

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