Mr. Nice Guy Updates

I am the most sickly person ever. I think I get a flu almost every month (if not twice a month). It’ll start with a mild sipon, then I’ll be surprised if I don’t get a sore throat. I’m lucky if I don’t get an annoying cough too. My sickly saga will climax with an episode of hika for three days. I used to believe all the strenuous work I did with high school’s CAT paid off with a relief from all these. But apparently, NOT.
And just like every single effin’ month, I am now, again, sick. Thanks to my caring wife – I think she didn’t sleep well enough last night taking temperatures of me, and waking me up so I take my meds on time. I effin’ feel like a weak baby. Even Saab beats me. The kid doesn’t even get sick. And there I was, missing an episode of Idol just ’cause I can’t help myself being nauseous and all. I slept through it, woke up and wondered why the TV’s switched back to Channel 2.
And I’ll have a new PST class by Monday. Seriously. Talk about bad timing. 
And yes, PST. I used to think it’ll be the one thing I’ll never get tired of doing. I’ve handled about 3-4 classes already (I started the beginning of last year and there are three of us, trainers, taking turns), and for this year, wave 47 will be my first. I used to get really excited when I’m assigned a new class. I even thought it was the beginning of me considering a career in teaching, in education. I think it’s true what everyone says: An interest can only go so much, it eventually wanes. Now, I only see it more of a task than an actual thing I love. But we’ll see. I will get to handle 3 or more classes again this year. So who knows? I might like it again.
And DCM personal targets! Seriously!? When can we ever get rid of them. I lack about 72 monitors for the month and I’m left with 3 scheduled days na lang. That’s 24 monitors a day. Even that in itself is hard labor already. Worse, I’d have those 3 days in PST so I won’t be able to monitor. That means 72 monitors will be added to my already deafening, kind-of-an-impossibility 238 target monitors for next month. Plus chargeability! With me spending all 11.5 remaining paid leaves for 2011 the next three months, my job chargeability* of 80% should already be considered in the drink. Sometimes, you’d regret going on vacations. Gawd, I thought I’m already a boss and here I am, worrying about these numbers.
So career-wise, for this month, I think I’m NOT in good shape. Also, with these flu/asthma episodes, my health seems to agree with my career. I know it’ll get better though, I’m absolutely sure about that. February will be a blast. First, I’m gonna replace this keyboard (seriously this is fast becoming a hindrance to my blog life). Next, mother and will have a nice date in Yakimix on Monday (for an afternoon of sushi and sashimi) so that should patch things up between the two of us. And finally, I’m gonna start our bookings and finalize our itinerary for our valentine getaway. 
So there folks, I hope your January is not as sick-filled as mine. Let’s hope and pray February’s better. Till next time. 🙂
*The percentage of the work a DCM does that are not charged to the clients and are instead charged to CVG. This includes vacation and sick leaves, personnel management, meetings etc.

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