THE Anniversary Gift.

So guess what I got as an anniversary gift from mi esposa?!


THE Anniversary Gift.

So I gave my girl a couple roses on two separate but close occasions and I got a Blackberry Curve 8520? Nothing’s better than this! I think now you wouldn’t disagree with me when I say I have the best partner in the whole wide universe, ayt? I’ve never thought I’d actually ask anyone to “let’s BBM” up until I held this right in front of my eyes, wrapped in a beautiful, recycled bundle of love and affection.

THE Anniversary Gift.
Yes, I may never be able to match all the gifts my wife already gave me the past two years. An Itouch and this? I’mma just return all the favor with experiences – seconds she’ll treasure, minutes she’ll be thankful for, hours she’ll forever remember and days that seem like a lifetime. Thank you hon and I love you.

Oh wait, talk to you later. Will just Uber tweet. ❤


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